Parasitic diseases of poultry, including hexamitiasis of turkeys, are caused by roundworms, tapeworms, lice, and mites. Again, modern methods of sanitation, prevention, and treatment provide excellent

Freshness & Quality
KEGGS are delivered fresh from the farm to retail outlets and there is no deterioration in quality due to transit time or long storage. Break a KEGG ,it will have a bright yellow yolk and a two layered albumen which does not run. KEGGS compares very favourably with the highest quality table eggs available anywhere in the world.

The natural ingredients in the feed and the unique breed of laying hens. as also the freshness of KEGGS, all contribute to a distinctive flavour and taste not to be found in commodity type eggs.

Cage Free
KEGGS are produced in Cage free conditions. The layer birds are kept in deep litter housing with adequate room to run around, have ready access to feed and water, perches to roost upon and protection against diseases and excesses of both natural elements and predators.