For a person to be eligible for registration with TCRA SACCOS, he or she has to;

  1. Be eighteen(18) years of age or above.
  2. Be of good behaviour, trustworthy and of sound mind.
  3. Must pay entry fee, own shares and deposit initial balances as guided by TCRA SACCOS regulations and be ready to participate fully in our society activities of concern to him or her.
  4. Should be willing to abide to TCRA SACCOS regulations as well as Cooperative Societies Act No.20 of 2003.
  5. Posses characteristics as stated in the Membership characteristics page.

Joining Procedures

  1. Member Applicants will submit a written application to the Board of Members which will discuss and review and once accepted, a new member will be passed in the General meeting.
  2. Received applications will be processed within thirty(30)and the applicant or applicants will be notified within that time.
  3. A new member will pay a registration/ entry fee of Tsh. Fifty Thousands only(50,000) and own at least two(2) out of ten(10) shares of worth Tsh Twenty Thousands(20,000) per share, which will have to be acquired within the first six(6) months of joining TCRA SACCOS.
  4. Contribute a balance of Tsh. Fifty Thousands or more every month.
  5. The society will have a member register will all important member details and will be counter signed by a respective member.
  6. A member will be issued with a Shares Certificate once he or she has acquired all required shares as guided by the regulation.