A member of this society will have rights to;

  1. Participate in all activities of the society contrary to Society Regulations, Cooperative Societies Act, provisions and resolutions reached in the General Meeting.
  2. Attend and give personal opinion in any of the Society meetings.
  3. To elect or to be elected as a member/leader. Election to any position will be determined by criteria set forth for that position.
  4. To deposit and withdraw from his or her balances, deposits and shares by following Society Regulations.
  5. To be a loan sponsor/trustee for any member of the Society.
  6. To be informed of the Society developments and progress through the General Meeting.
  7. To be given Provisions, review balance sheets, minutes and summary of General Meeting and Registrar documents during work hours.
  8. To be given loan services according to rules and regulations of the Society and Loan Policy.
  9. To request summoning of the General Meeting as guided by the Regulations of the society.
  10. To receive dividends as decided in the General Meeting.
  11. Any person who ceases to be SACCOS member and is clear of any debt owed to him or her has the right to receive his or her shares, balances and any other rights after elapsing 90 days since membership ceased. Exceptions will apply to any extra dividends thus will have to wait until audit of finances has been completed by external auditors.
  12. To elect a heir or successor.

A member of this society will the following responsibilities